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Council Meetings 2009

Administered by the Governance Unit. Ph 9369 8000

Agendas for Council and Council's committee meetings can be viewed on this website from Friday afternoon prior to the meeting. Agendas for meetings of the Development Control Committee can be viewed from Wednesday afternoon prior to the meeting.

The minutes on this website are provided on a complimentary basis. They are subject to change and should not be taken as the official minutes of a meeting.

The minutes of committee meetings contain:

1. DECISIONS (which can be actioned immediately by Council officers).

2. RECOMMENDATIONS (which have to be adopted at the next full Council meeting

    before they can be actioned by Council officers).

2009 Jan Feb Mar Apr May June  July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Finance, Ethics & Strategic Planning Committee   3 3 7 5 2     7 4 1 6 3 1
Community, Housing, Environmental Services & Public Works Committee   3 N/A 7 5 2     7 4 1 6 3 1

Council Meeting

  7 7 4 N/A 20     4 8 5 10 7 5
Council   17 17 21 19 16 21


18 15

(Mayoral Election)



17 15
Development Control Committee 27 24 24 28 26 23    28 25 22 13 24 8
Waverley Traffic Committee   26 26 23 28 25    23 27 24 29 N/A 3


All Council and Committee meetings are held on Level 3, Waverley Council Chambers, corner of Paul Street and Bondi Road, Bondi Junction.


Agendas for Council's committee meetings contain reports from Council officers with a recommendation for the committee's consideration.

Depending on the nature of the item, the committee may have delegated authority (ie permission from Council and in accordance with the Local Government Act 1993) to make a DECISION which can be acted upon immediately by Council officers.

If the committee does not have the appropriate delegated authority, it makes a RECOMMENDATION to be considered by Council at its next meeting.


Members of the public are able to address Council or a Council Committee on any items listed in the meeting agenda. If you wish to speak at a meeting please contact staff in our Governance Section on 9369 8121 or 9369 8193 before 3.00pm on the day of the meeting. If you address a meeting, your name will be included in the minutes of the meeting, unless you request that it not be included.

You will need to provide us with your name, contact details, the item you wish to speak about and whether you are speaking in support of or against the item. The information you provide will be used to assist in managing the meeting agenda and to prepare the minutes of the meeting. All meetings of Council and its Standing Committees are recorded to assist in preparing meeting minutes. The recordings are not publicly available.


The Waverley Traffic Committee is not a committee of Council. The Committee operates under delegation from the RTA. It is advisory only and has no decision-making powers.

Meetings of the Waverley Traffic Committee are not open to the public.  However, residents, members of the public and other stakeholders may address a meeting of the Committee.  Addresses must relate to the business listed on the meeting agenda. 

If you wish to address a meeting please contact staff in our Governance Unit on 9369 8054 by 3.00pm on the day before the meeting to register.



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