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Hand prepared since 1877

Section 12No cumbersome machines are used at Waverley

Waverley is a traditional cemetery where we believe in personal service. We understand when a personal, tailored touch, makes the difference. Every one of our graves and memorials is prepared by hand.

Only Waverley Cemetery can offer you the beauty of a traditional cemetery by the open ocean. Its many original monuments are a tribute to our sense of respect for our ancestors and the art of monumental masons.

Grave or Memorial Pre-Arrangements

The idea of pre-arranging and pre-paying for a burial or interment location may seem like a new and different thing, but many generations have paid for their final resting place at Waverley Cemetery since 1877.

The reasons for pre-paying for a final resting-place are even more important in the 21st century than they were back in the 1870's. Pre-purchase allows you to have the allotment or memorial that you want and importantly you fix the major costs at today's prices. It also shows great foresight as well as consideration for family and friends by relieving them of THE most important decision at a time of a funeral.

Pre-purchase burial allocations and memorial garden allotments for ashes at Waverley (Sydney's pre-eminent cemetery) can be arranged by any Funeral Director across Australia on your behalf or you can contact the cemetery office directly and choose the location personally.

Monumental Graves.

Selections of monumental gravesites are always available at Waverley Cemetery. Monumental gravesites may accommodate up to three interments over time. Check with the office for prices and details.

Gravesites can be purchased now for the future.
*(Usual interment fee not included in purchase)

Choosing Cremation?

When cremation is preferred we have available intimate garden memorials for interment amongst the flowering shrubs.

Bronze plaques that are set on durable granite-stone blocks to complement our rustic seaside charm look destine to make the Circle Garden one of Waverley’s landmark locations in a very short time.

Each location in the Circle Garden can accommodate a double interment.

See the office for information on pricing, availability, and future reservations. Garden memorials for ashes can be secured now for future use* (2nd interment and plaque fees not included in purchase).

The Circle Garden
The Circle Garden The Circle Garden
The Circle Garden.
Reservations now open.

Individual Niche Wall Memorials are also available. These locations with views of the ocean are conveniently located near the office and entrance gate.

Cremation rates seem to again be on the rise heading towards revisiting its previous peak of over 70% of Sydney deaths choosing cremation for final committal just like back in the mid 1960’s. What many don’t know is that we at Waverley Cemetery have been providing for cremation clients since 1904 and we have recently introduced a new memorial option:

Our unique Ivy Vine is designed to ‘grow’ along and over our stone walls.

These plaques provide a tangible easy to find memorial for those who many have died many years ago and been scattered, those lost at sea or in times of war, for still born children, or those simply interred elsewhere in a place that is not convenient for family and friends to pay their respects.

The plaques are the shape of an ivy leaf and can be used as individual settings or as a twin for two members of the family side by side.

Made of cast bronze they are intended to mellow slowly with age.

Our Ivy Vine is a simple style memorial and has room for the name and the date of death and age.

The new Ivy Vine complements our existing cremation memorials, the 'twin' Circle Garden Memorial, our individual Niche Wall Memorials as well as our traditional Monumental Burial sites for coffin burial with our special range of marble and sandstone solid stone memorials to choose from.

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